It Takes A Villiage

I'd like to introduce you to my group of friends. We meet almost once a week, every week, to support and encourage each other through the failures, successes, and uncertainties of life. We all understand that life is better lived within a community of people who are always with you and for you.

I can't do this alone, you are the key to the success of our efforts. As I campaign to be selected for Ankeny School Board, I'd like you to consider supporting me as a member of the Ankeny community. If you believe that I will be a valuable community leader and reliable representative on the Ankeny School Board, please consider helping in one of three ways; financially, publicly, and civically.

How You can support the campaign



A common question I get is; "Does it cost money to run for school board?" The short answer is, yes! Between door hangers, informational cards, yards signs, etc... it can all add up pretty quick. Any amount is appreciated and all funds raised will go toward this campaign.



There's no better endorsement than your personal referral to someone you know. Whether you recommend me face to face or show your endorsement with a yard sign in your lawn, letting Ankeny know that I'm someone you will be voting for is crucial to our success. If you believe transformational leadership is necessary for our students, contact me below if I can put a sign in your yard or answer any questions about how to get the word out. Let's show Ankeny how we can unite and lead our community together.



This one is easy, get out and vote! At the end of the day, they don't count yard signs and good intentions, they count votes. Historically, only about 1% of the Ankeny population votes in school board elections. That's not enough. If you believe we are all responsible for community leadership, get out and vote and bring someone with you. There are 4 seats up for grabs on November 5th, that's over half the school board, this is important.